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Growing Up Healthy: The First 2 Years

The first 2 years of a child’s life are the most important for their physical growth, brain development and building healthy social relationships. This is the right time to start teaching healthy habits.

Healthy Eating Starts Early

Mother’s milk: Many studies suggest that breastfed babies will more likely have a healthy weight when they grow older. They have a higher immunity too. As breastfed babies have more control over the feeding experience so they are less likely to be overfed.

Responsive Feeding: Watch out for cues to your baby’s hunger as well as fullness, respond warmly and promptly; and try to create a positive feeding experience. Responsive feeding will help you and your child develop a healthy relationship with food and feeding.

Variety: Introducing your baby to a variety of foods early on makes it less likely that she’ll be a picky eater later on. Children form their taste patterns by 9 months old. So when you start with solids, make sure you offer her a variety of colours, textures and flavours.

Fruits and Veggies: Giving your baby fruits and vegetables early and often makes it more likely that she’ll eat them later. Plus they will give her essential vitamins and minerals to boost health.

Avoid Fruit juices and sugary drinks: Babies who drink fruit juices and sugary drinks are more prone to tooth decay. The healthiest choices of drink for babies are mother’s milk and water.

Sleep Matters

Getting enough sleep can help your child stay healthy – both physically and mentally. Children thrive on routine. That includes consistent bedtimes and naptimes. So it’s important to start healthy sleep habits early on.

Screen Time Habits Start Early

Most households let their toddlers watch TVs as it is convenient to have the child engrossed in the screen for some time.  This affects the child’s developing eyesight and brain development negatively. Children with TVs in their bedroom are more likely to be overweight, get less sleep and have mental health problems in teenage.

Children learn through conversations and active play. Make it a priority to have plenty of real life interactions and experiences for your child – and less of screen time!

Healthy Babies are Active

Active babies become active children.  Do not let your child spend too much time in strollers as this can lead to delay in motor development. Active play time makes them healthy.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Child

Parents are the most important influence when it comes to building healthy habits in a young child. Be a role model for your child by eating healthy, being active and limiting your own screentime!

Set your child up for health by teaching healthy habits now….. its never too early to start!!!

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