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Baby Development Milestones Chart
Baby Development Milestones Chart

Baby Development Milestones Chart

Are you looking for a your Babies’ Development Milestone Chart. you are very curious to know your child’s growth every month? Check Vaccination Apps Child’s Development Milestone Chart to keep track of your child’s development.

Milestones are landmarks of development of the baby as it gets older. On the basis of expected milestones, you can determine whether your baby is developing normally or not. As you know A Child’s development can vary widely. In premature birth (born before 37 weeks of gestational age) or when there is a medical problem (e.g. cardiac) the milestones could be delayed. A family history of delayed development can also lead to developmental delay, which can be a normal variation or due to a genetic abnormality in the family.

DateDevelopmental Milestones
2 - 3 Months- Turns head to sound
3 - 4 Months- Smiles at every one
4 - 5 Months- Cooing
- Holds neck up
- Recognises mother
5-6 Months- Grasps objects when placed in hand
6-7 Months- Reaches to an object
- Holds with both hands
- Sits with support
7-8 Months- Smiles at mirror image
- Monosyllabic babbling
8-9 Months- Holds objects with crude grasp from palm
9-10 Months- Sits without support
10-11 Months- Stands with support
- Bisyllabic babbling
- Waves hand
- Holds objects between index finger and thumb
11-12 Months- Walks with support
12-13 Months- Crawls
13-14 Months- Stands without support
- Babbles two words
- Plays simple ball game
14-15 months- Runs
- Babbles ten words
15-16 months- Climbs upstairs
- Utters simple sentences
16-17 months- Rides tricycle
- Tells story
- Knows gender

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